Soul Business is our Sole Business

We are committed to love and serve every individual as you are important to the kingdom of God regardless of what side of the track you come from.

In Person Services

Sunday School – 9am
Worship - 10:30am
Evening Worship 6pm

Virtual Services

Prayer & Bible Band - Tues. 12pm
Pastors Bible Study - Wed. 6pm

Welcome to Holy Temple COGIC

In the late summer of 1946, a spirited young man by the name of Brother Whitfield Jackson heard the voice of the Lord while living in Los Angeles, California. He proclaimed that the Lord said “go to Bakersfield California and leave all that you have behind and I will bless you with more than you ever had materially and financially”. He expressed that I don’t know where Bakersfield is, but he followed the leading of the Lord.

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